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Personalized Attention

The Immigration Law Office of Arslan A. Chaudhary is dedicated to assisting clients in Los Angeles, the United States, and worldwide.

Our services encompass business and investor visas, green cards, counselor processing (marriage visas and green cards), as well as most family immigration matters. We also arrange for citizenship, waivers, artist and entertainer visas, and more.

An immigration attorney can play one of the most significant roles in a person’s life, helping secure their stay in the U.S.A. and achieve a new home with greater stability, ultimately improving their lives.

The Immigration Law Office of Arslan A. Chaudhary provides personalized attention to each client, focusing on their needs and timelines, to help them achieve their immigration goals in a professional, expert, friendly, and personable manner.

About Us

Arslan A. Chaudhary entered the field of immigration law with a commitment to assisting individuals escaping persecution in their home countries, and he dedicated himself to finding solutions for immigrants seeking refuge from danger, guiding them through the intricate legal landscape with unwavering support.

As his practice evolved, Arslan broadened his expertise to encompass a wide spectrum of immigration matters, offering invaluable assistance to foreign nationals seeking to formalize their immigration status. His office now specializes in employer-based visas and green cards, investor green cards, family-based green cards, and specialized visas tailored to artists and entertainers.

Arslan earned his law degree from the prestigious Washington University School of Law in 1998. With a legal career spanning over two decades, he commenced as an associate at a prominent real estate litigation firm in New York City. Subsequently, he ventured into administrative law, working with the New York City Environmental Control Board, equipping him with a comprehensive understanding of this field.

Upon relocating to Los Angeles, Arslan established the Immigration Law Office of Arslan Chaudhary, where he continues to make a significant impact in the lives of countless immigrants seeking a brighter future. Multilingual in English and Urdu/Hindi, Arslan connects with clients from diverse backgrounds the world over, making the immigration process more accessible and understandable to all.

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