“Working with The Law Offices of Arslan Chaudary has been surprisingly delightful.  I was facing the expiration of a work visa and needed to act quickly to maintain my ability to stay and work in the United States.  Instead of applying through the mail and waiting for up to nine months to get approval, Mr. Chaudhary listened to my needs, used his knowledge, assisted me in completing the necessary paperwork and counseled me to take simple actions to get my new work visa in record time.  The entire process was much easier than I expected.  I’m so thankful!”
~ Ivana
     “Finding Arslan during the most desperate, hopeless hour of my immigration journey, was like finding a beacon in the middle of a dark ocean.
     Facing such complex and critical process in trying to adjust my immigration status after an unlawful presence of about 25 years, I reconsidered self-representation. I, then, began looking for legal counseling. The firms I contacted had me jump through hoops to schedule an initial consultation. First, when I called, I could not reach a lawyer directly; I had to inform the particulars of my case to the receptionist, who, then, proceeded to ask me some scripted general questions. Second, in most cases, I had to wait weeks before meeting face-to-face with a lawyer, an agonizing eternity for someone who is desperate, eager to find any possible solution to one’s case. Third, most lawyers would not devote more than 5 minutes to listen to my case. There was so much I wanted to say, but no one would listen. My impression was that after agreeing to pay their exorbitant fees, then, they would make time to listen.
     In contrast, when I initially contacted Arslan on the phone, I talked to him directly, not to a receptionist. Even before scheduling a meeting, he took the time to listen on the phone. I was happily surprised!  I was even more surprised, when he called me few minutes later after we hung up to change our initial meeting, scheduled for few days later, to later that same evening.  Once we met, Arslan took the time to listen to everything I had to say, perhaps not all of it related to my case, but externalizing all those issues helped relief the stress and anxiety I was feeling.
     Arslan, performed an honest evaluation of my case and explained to me all possible outcomes; from the most optimistic result to the worst-case scenario, although this last one was hard to hear; he did not guarantee any. I appreciated his honesty.
     However, above all, what I really value from Arslan was not only the guidance he provided to navigate through this complex bureaucratic process, but that I had the assurance of having on my side a competent, honest lawyer who was able to provide calming answers to my subsequent questions, formulated during my many sleepless nights when I contemplated my life in or out of this great country.
     Fortunately, the outcome of my case was favorable. I thank God, my wife and Arslan. If there are angels walking among us, Arslan is certainly one of them.    THANK YOU.”
~ R.T.
     “I was needing a helpful affordable lawyer and Arslan surely was that! I had a very short amount of time to file my marriage petition in order to make sure that I would not fall out of status. Arslan managed to get everything done with great effectiveness in the time that was needed. He made it easy for my husband and I.  Arslan explained what we had to do in a way that we could understand.
     Because of that I now have a  green card and two businesses which I very much enjoy!”
~ P.D.