EB-5 (“Investor Green Card”)

Foreign Nationals and their immediate family can now obtain green cards and permanent US residency with an EB-5 Visa. It affords the security of permanent US residency without repeated Visa applications. US Citizenship may be obtained after five years.

Program Summary

A Green Card and Permanent Residency gives the holder, and his or her immediate family, the right to live, study and work anywhere in the US. There are many Visa categories. Some allow you to apply for a green card after you have been in the USA for a specific period, but most do not. The EB-5 Visa is unusual in that it provides a green card at the outset.

Permanent Residency. For most, immigrating to the USA is about a better quality of life. Permanent residency avoids repeated Visa applications and allows the opportunity of dual citizenship. The EB-5 Visa will secure Permanent Residency.

The EB-5 Visa provides the most flexible path to a green card based on a US investment.
The EB-5 Visa does not require the applicant to manage the day-to-day affairs of a
business. One may invest in an existing business, or a new business. More than one person
may invest in the same business. The EB-5 investor may be a minority owner of the

EB-5 is the only Visa which allows retirement to the US. It also provides the flexibility to live anywhere, study or take any job, own and operate any business, and to change employment or career without restrictions.

How To Qualify

One may qualify for an EB-5 as follows:

1. Invest $1 million in your own business and hire ten employees anywhere in the USA

2. Invest $500,000 in your own business and hire ten employees in an area where the unemployment rate exceeds the national average unemployment rate by 150%.

3. Invest $500,000 in a pre-existing business which you do not have to manage or work at, using an “Eb-5 Regional Center”, which is a specific area designated by the US Government to receive EB-5 immigrant investor capital. The U.S. Govt. has approved over 200 Regional Centers.

Overall the regional center option has proven historically to offer the highest Eb-5 green card success rates, with a few Regional Centers garnering a 100% applicant approval and green card approval.  A majority of regional centers are located in a high unemployment areas where the required capital has been reduced to $500,000.

A key advantage of Regional Centers versus a direct EB-5 investment is that the business project may rely on indirect job creation rather than directly hiring ten employees. A competent professional, such as an economist, must quantify the indirect employment. This significantly eases the burden of establishing job creation, which is one of the leading factors in the EB-5 success rates of Regional Centers.

In the event of a Visa denial, good Regional Centers will return the investor’s $500,000.

 Who Can Invest?

EB-5 investors include people from all walks of life; professionals, business people, persons wanting to facilitate a child’s education, and retirees. Because the EB-5 Visa permits employment in the US, many EB-5 investors become involved in charity or part time work. Simply put, the EB-5 Visa gives investors the flexibility to do what they want in the USA. If a foreign national does not want to actively manage a business, they should consider an EB-5.

If the goal is to have a green card and not to actively manage a business, it is most often
less expensive to utilize the EB-5 category rather than to start and maintain a business.