The Immigration Law Office of Arslan A. Chaudhary focuses on helping clients in Los Angeles, the United States, and throughout the world with all types of immigration cases.  Our services include counselor processing (marriage visas and green cards) as well as most family immigration matters.  We arrange for citizenship, waivers, artist and entertainer visas, as well as business and investor visas and green cards.

Our office is honored to help bring motivated and dynamic people from all over world over to the United States, the country of greatest opportunity, where newcomers can find themselves and their best possibilities.

An immigration attorney can be one of the most important people in one’s life, from simply helping to secure your stay in the U.S.A., to helping you achieve a new home, with greater stability, and changing life for the better.

The Immigration Law Office of Arslan A. Chaudhary gives personalized attention to each client, focusing on their needs and timelines, in order to achieve their immigration goals in a professional, expertised, friendly and personable manner.